A Year of Outside Songs

As ever, International Women’s Day was busy one for the SAOL Project. This year was a little different, however, in marking a year since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, and the ongoing reality of public health restrictions. Celebrations for this year’s event had to move outside as result, starting with an outdoor singalong andContinue reading “A Year of Outside Songs”

Braving the Wind, the Cold and the Rain

It feels like a long time since the SAOL Sisters gathered together in person. This week, a few of the women braved awful conditions to film a St Patrick’s Day message for SAOL’s long-time friends, ‘St Pats For All’ in New York. Special precautions were taken to make sure that all the participants were safeContinue reading “Braving the Wind, the Cold and the Rain”

SAOL Project Director Postcard

When you’re the manager of something, you spend a lot of time worrying! Is everything going to be OK; will we be able to fulfil our obligations, do what we’ve said we’ll do, be worthy of the funding we get… And then someone comes up the idea of taking a group ‘outside’. Insurance, safety, arguments…Continue reading “SAOL Project Director Postcard”