Why SAOL should win an AONTAS STAR – By Jessica

This is why I think SAOL is a star, because before I met SAOL all I felt was worthlessness and kind of a waste of space and I had absolutely no meaning for life. I felt like a nobody. But then I discovered the SAOL Project and all that started to change. They made meContinue reading “Why SAOL should win an AONTAS STAR – By Jessica”

SAOL Co-Ordinator Postcard #1

“I’m a legend in me own mind” was my usual self-deprecating response when anybody congratulated me personally after an ’Outside Songs’ performance. However there were legends there in the form of the ‘SAOL Sisters’ standing tall. loud and proud wherever we were. Another complement was “them women are really ballsy”. Never a truer statement wasContinue reading “SAOL Co-Ordinator Postcard #1”