The SAOL Project

The SAOL Project is a community project for women and children affected by substance use in Dublin. It is free and available to any woman with an issue with alcohol, prescription drugs or street drugs or any woman with an issue with addictive behaviours. In SAOL women can access a huge range of individual and group supports, from counselling to continuing education programmes.

How the Blog began…

When COVID struck, staff and participants in SAOL realised that some services would have to change in order to protect everyone’s safety. They came up with idea of organising small singing sessions around the city (socially distanced!) as a way of keeping connected, reclaiming the spaces in which they live, and bringing some joy to the streets during a very strange time.

Many months later, when restrictions had eased a little and some of the women were gathered in class (socially distanced, and wearing masks!), they decided to write a blog about their experiences, to share some positive moments of their recovery journeys, and also bring some warmth and inspiration to people passing by.  

This blog is a collaborative effort between SAOL participants, staff, students, and volunteers. Each post is a testimony of how much it means to be part of the SAOL Sisters. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed the singing.

The teachers want you to sail in, but also sail out after the work is done.

Diana, SAOL Sister

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