Why SAOL should win an AONTAS STAR – By Jessica

You will always be my star

This is why I think SAOL is a star, because before I met SAOL all I felt was worthlessness and kind of a waste of space and I had absolutely no meaning for life. I felt like a nobody. But then I discovered the SAOL Project and all that started to change. They made me feel so welcome and loved and most of all Important for once, for once I had something to give back. They taught me that it is okay to be courageous and to speak up when necessary and it is definitely okay to not be okay and to cry. That Mental Health issues was normal and natural. Before knowing this I would of thought that there was something serious wrong with me, that my mind wasn’t normal. But how I was so wrong and only for the SAOL Project I would never of known that what I was feeling was so normal. 

So for all that you’s have done for me I would really like to say Thank so much for always listening to anything I had to say and I’ve learnt a lot from you guys too. The main one for me is to actively listen and ‘one singer one song’ – and that is why SAOL should win the Star award with Aontas because in my eyes no matter what the outcome SAOL Project you will always be my Star.

– Jessica, SAOL Sister

‘AONTAS STAR Award’ by Jessica, SAOL Sister

3 thoughts on “Why SAOL should win an AONTAS STAR – By Jessica

  1. I really enjoy all the singing and miss it so much it been a while now since we’ve been able to meet and sing and the loss of that is slowly taking its toll on me personally so bring back the singing soon #LOCKDOWNFORASHORTTIMEHASTOOKMYCROWN #BUTILLGETMYCROWNBACK #YOUBETTERBELIEVEIWILL

  2. Saol should definitely win they help so many me included I was on drugs since I was 13 never had any education or any hope for life but saol changed all that for me I now look to my future I now love education so much I’m studying in liberties college and for the 1st time in my 31 years I’m drug free and that’s thanks to saol project

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