Remembering A Summer Session -13/07/20

SAOL’s first lockdown…

One day over zoom, a group of SAOL Sisters took some time to reflect on old videos of their Outside Songs. They talked about how watching the videos made them feel, and what the outside singing meant to them, especially now when gathering together is no longer possible.

Have you ever heard of the word ‘elated’? That’s the word I’d use actually.

Sandra, SAOL Sister

Ray: What did you think of the video?

Laura: Brilliant… emotional actually. All of us together. All of us singing. Just with Covid going on, it was just a community. I remember it like it was yesterday. I love it.

Diana: Emotional. That’s when it began for me, hearing you, seeing you. It was an emotional journey watching that, we can’t really do that now. It was better when we were all doing it.

Vicky: Very touching.

Jessica: It gives an essence of what the group done for us.

Sandra: Very good. We were all together and we were all communicating together through the singing. Ray, have you ever heard of the word ‘elated’? That’s the word I’d use actually. ‘Elated’.

3 thoughts on “Remembering A Summer Session -13/07/20

  1. A great time during lockdown to keep us connected as it’s a very isolating and difficult time and the singing was great and got us out and I enjoyed the singing on the street and to see all saol sisters and it was fun

  2. It was great singing outside through COVID with the SAOL sisters and staff. I think the blog is brilliant and thanks to Hannah for making this blog. From SAOL sister Sandra

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