SAOL Co-Ordinator Postcard #1

“I’m a legend in me own mind” was my usual self-deprecating response when anybody congratulated me personally after an ’Outside Songs’ performance. However there were legends there in the form of the ‘SAOL Sisters’ standing tall. loud and proud wherever we were.

Another complement was “them women are really ballsy”. Never a truer statement was made. The bravery of the SAOL Sisters to stand ‘out’ on the street (many in their own community) and belt out songs that meant so much to them is ballsy and amazing. I am in awe of Mná na SAOL. 

The group of SAOL Sisters  singing was never the same. Sometimes there would four people sometimes we had 14 all SAOL participants were welcomed. People were there I had never seen before or since but whomever was there on the day came together in a  ‘murmuration’ of sisterhood and solidarity of each other and to the community in which we stood. I lead out often forgetting words and chords but it was always ‘grand’ we all adapted and winged it.

‘We are all in this together’ though socially  distant  was very real , it was real for everybody that saw and heard us in the North Inner City . In a community that now faced another huge dark challenge, the SAOL Sisters shone loud and shone proud, we will always leave a light on. 

– Ray

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