SAOL Project Director Postcard

When you’re the manager of something, you spend a lot of time worrying! Is everything going to be OK; will we be able to fulfil our obligations, do what we’ve said we’ll do, be worthy of the funding we get…

And then someone comes up the idea of taking a group ‘outside’. Insurance, safety, arguments… And then they want to go outside in a time of COVID! Social distancing, masks, Garda – everything visible and everything a Risk.

And so we’re ‘outside’ and we’re all two metres apart and there’s traffic going by and there’s pages of song lyrics being handed out and Ray is setting up the guitar and living out his dream of being Bob Dylan/ David Bowie and Bono all rolled into one. And everything is OK, but could collapse in a millisecond if someone looks at someone else the wrong way.

And then the guitar starts playing and the SAOL Sisters straighten up and clear their throats and settle and become one. And then they start to sing,

“No more sorry from me”

And they are together, and they are as one, and all the risk and the worry fades, replaced by a smile. I am smiling, proud, happy.

“No more sorry from me”

This is recovery in melody.

And in this moment I’m no longer a manager, I’m the Boss of the best project in Ireland.



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