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SAOL Sisters, Sun and Singing

The SAOL Sisters were out in force this morning, and the fan base is growing! Today we had compliments from some lovely neighbours out on their walk, an Iarnród Éireann driver who had to stop the train to listen, and the community Gardaí! Go on the SAOL Sisters!!!

Launch of SAOL and Citywide’s Anti-Stigma Research

SAOL’s anti-stigma research, created in partnership with Citywide and evaluated by the team from Trinity College Dublin, was launched yesterday. The whole project was produced using a co-design process with women who have experience of drug use, and the results showed that training made a significant impact in reducing stigma amongst service providers. The researchContinue reading “Launch of SAOL and Citywide’s Anti-Stigma Research”

Brunch is Back!

Summer is on and the SAOL brunch is back! Here’s what the SAOL Sisters had to say about their first Saturday in the new garden: Gorgeous, tasty food, fun, safe. You felt welcomed. Laura, SAOL Sister Connection. It was like your brain slowed down and you could take it all in. Mary, SAOL Sister Exhilaration.Continue reading “Brunch is Back!”

Listen to the SAOL Sisters

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