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Dublin Learning City Virtual Festival 2021

The SAOL Sisters present the award winning Outside Songs for the Dublin Learning City Festival 2021. Click below to join the presentation at 11 am 22/03/31.

A Year of Outside Songs

As ever, International Women’s Day was busy one for the SAOL Project. This year was a little different, however, in marking a year since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, and the ongoing reality of public health restrictions. Celebrations for this year’s event had to move outside as result, starting with an outdoor singalong andContinue reading “A Year of Outside Songs”

Recovery Month – 09/2020

Having spent the summer singing outside on Amiens St., the SAOL Sisters felt the music must continue. They devised an Outside Songs Tour for Recovery Month, taking in different spots around the North Inner City every Monday of September. Special precautions were taken to ensure everyone’s safety: participants had to socially distance, and after newContinue reading “Recovery Month – 09/2020”

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